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Beaten and sent to the sobering (Case number 20)

Bruising of the chest, the lower rib injury ... Sergei is still unable to forget "communication" with police officers.



You can not bow his head, get on the neck (Case number 21)

According to Azat, ten prison officers beat him for what he suffered neck chondrosis.




An interesting nose today is not distracted. They just kick (Case number 22)

The blow Ilya flew to the window and smashed the glass with his hands



Strict adherence to instructions, eliminating the prosecution (case number 23)

Police officers found guilty of concealing the crime. Meanwhile, younger detective just to obey orders of superiors.



Bribe recruitment is no obstacle (Case number 25)

Kazan began the trial of a senior case officer at the Department of Economic Crimes Police Department Vakhitovsky Rinat Shakirzyanovym, accused of receiving a large bribe.




Total Recall (Case number 26)

In the police department, if you wish, you remember how ...
killed their relatives



It would be better made to inspect the bag ... (Case number 27)

The man asked the police documents on which they require inspection of his baggage. As a result, the guardians of order he was severely beaten, robbed, tortured gas Cheremukha "and that the court unlawfully subjected beaten to a fine of 40 rubles for disobedience to ATS.



He walked, slipped, fell down ... and not recovered (Case number 28)

In winter, the courtyard house was found dead men. Law enforcement authorities were quick to register the accident. Additional testing also showed that the "accident" may well turn out "murder."



My sister for her brother is not the answer (Case number 29)

Since this did not agree the police, who beat the girl, trying to figure out where her brother.



Sirota paid for what greeted drunken policemen (Case number 32)

Orphan Alec cried and told me that he was beaten by policemen. Court was sentenced to a penalty of imprisonment



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