The Chechen war in the Soviet district of Kazan (Case № 3)


... For the fact that he - a Chechen. Himself the guardian of order two years ago, served in the "hot spot" and received six awards for Chechnya



It was found that 26.03.03. about 1 o'clock in the hostel № 2 KSU, located at Kazan str. Red Positions village 6A, there was a fight between Salman Elgukaevym Alihanovichem and a guy named Azad, resident of room number 100. Porter hostel called in police. On the call arrived crew PPP Soviet police department city of Kazan. About brawl Azat also reported living in the same dormitory employee PPP Soviet Dordzhiyeva police department with which they are together on this day were drinking alcoholic beverages. Dorje, while intoxicated, took a rubber stick and went into the room to Elgukaevu. At the same time on the floor up by police officers arrived on the call. Dorjief with police brought Elgukaeva from room number 104, after which Dorjief without explanation began applying Elgukaevu blows with a rubber truncheon on the head and foot, while he loudly swore obscenities. The noise of the many rooms left, students who saw what was happening. After some time, police said Dordzhiyeva that already, and he stopped attacking.
Then one of the policemen before leaving, tried to persuade Elgukaeva that he did not complain Dordzhiyeva, citing the fact that "everything in life happens". Elgukaev reported that it is necessary to write a complaint Dordzhiyeva.
Dorje, at the time of beating Elgukaevu, was not in the performance of their official duties. However, Elgukaevu knew that Dorjief a police officer.
There was Dordzhiyeva truncheon. Elgukaevym Dorjief perceived as a representative of state authority. In this connection, causing Dordzhiyeva Elgukaevu beatings, must be assessed as intentional intentional infliction of serious mental and physical suffering unnecessary in this situation.
Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that the actions of a police officer Dordzhiyeva a perceived violation of Art. 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, which is expressed in inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

Specialist investigations
Human Rights Centre of Kazan

Chronicle Antiproizvola

April 23
The prosecutor's office of the Soviet district of Kazan criminal case against Dordzhiyeva AF on the fact of injury Elgukaevu SA (Section "A", "b" part 3 st.286 Criminal Code).
The criminal case against Dordzhiyeva AF directed at the Soviet District Court of Kazan.
October 20
There was a hearing in which Judge Tsvetkov downgraded action Dordzhiyeva AF under Art. 116 of the Criminal Code, then the criminal case was terminated in connection with active repentance, on the basis of the provisions of Art. 75 of the Criminal Code.
& This ruling was appealed by counsel Khrunov VM of cassation.
November 18
Cassation, the definition of a judicial commission of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Tatarstan ruling was upheld, appeal, cassation representation of the public prosecutor - without satisfaction.
January 13
Human Rights Center of Kazan was sent a letter to
Human Resources Department Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tatarstan with the request to consider
the question of imposing on Dordzhiyeva AF disciplinary -
dismissal from the Interior. The answer was a refusal, as
"Taking into account all the circumstances of the grounds for dismissal from the
Interior policeman 7 battalions of the regiment PPSM ATC Kazan Dordzhiyeva AF
not available "(quote from an official response).
February 1
Prepared statement for a public inquiry, which were recorded violations of articles 3, 6, 13, 14 of the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. The report sent to the prosecutor of the Republic of Tatarstan Public Prosecutor's Office of Soviet district of Kazan, the Supreme Court of the Republic of Tatarstan, Judge Tsvetkov District Court of the Soviet district of Kazan, Deputy Interior of the Republic of Tatarstan Wajda A.

These are the facts gathered in the course of its Human Rights Center of Kazan public investigation. All statements and explanations given to citizens voluntarily. Not all of these facts can be confirmed by state authorities. Employees of the Human Rights Centre of Kazan confident that the facts indicate misconduct of agents of the state. Human Rights Centre reserves the right to seek an effective official investigation on them, including international institutions.

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