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Veterans demanded of new recruits dumplings and mayonnaise (Case number 77)

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Otherwise, the soldiers waited beatings and humiliation.

December 14, 2006 Kazanets Andrey Kalmykov was called up for military service. According to him, in January and February 2007, "there are no conflicts with co-workers did not arise.
In March, the soldier was transferred to the fire brigade, which belonged to another company of the same parts, located in the Kostroma region. "Then the problems started - said Andrey.
March 4 Kalmykov and his co-worker were cleaning snow in parts. Veterans voiced their complaints about the fact that they are "slowly clearing away the snow from the road. Then the sergeant Ramzil Davletbaev 5 Andrew struck blows to the chest and reminded the company of other recruits that "the fire brigade all done quickly."
March 20 Kalmykov sent to the disease in the legs Kostroma post hospital, where doctors also discovered that an ordinary broken rib. The doctor suggested that Andrew took x-rays, but the latter, fearing scandal, refused.
Four months later, he returned to the private part.
July 14 at midnight senior soldiers raised Andrew and five other soldiers from his bed, built them into a series and said that "young" do not know how to properly guard duty. Then the "grandfathers" wrapped their hands with a towel and began to apply colleagues blows to the chest.
The beatings continued for two hours. The blow seniors Dennis Trihanova the temple Andrew lost consciousness and woke up only after some time.
The next day all the soldiers were supposed to go to the bath. Before sending "grandfathers" to personally check the absence of bruises on the body of recruits, as bathing in the bath was preceded by a medical examination of military personnel. Andrei bruises not found ...
In the evening to Andrew asked a colleague, who asked to borrow 500 rubles. According to a private, senior soldiers demanded that the recent recruits 5 phone cards, 5 pounds of ravioli and mayonnaise, otherwise they have promised to severely punish dissenters. In this co-worker showed bruises, which he remained from a beating.
July 16 Andrew to make an appointment to the medical unit, as a cold and could not step up to the guard. When she heard about this ordinary Alexey Fedosov and Denis Trihanov and Junior Sergeant Alexander Gorshkov was hit several times Kalmykov and said that if the medical unit at the guy will not find anything, the company he'd better not come back.
On July 31, part of Andrew's father arrived Valery Kalmykov, who asked the foreman company furlough for his son. Upon learning about the incident, he took Andrew home in Kazan.
Kalmykov appealed for help in Human Rights Centre of the city of Kazan, which experts were a statement of the Kazan garrison military prosecutor's office of the perfect colleagues Andrew crime.
Military prosecutors opened a criminal case according to claim 1, Clause 2 of Article. 335 of the Criminal Code (violation of statutory regulations on personal relations in the absence of relations of subordination between them).
After treatment Kalmykov transferred to another unit, where he met the accused in a criminal case and Trihanova Vityazev. According Valer Kalmykov, Trihanov and knight threatened to Andrew, that in case of indictment, his "parents are not much good."
During the preliminary investigation, the majority of witnesses and victims retracted their statements. Nevertheless, 19 November a criminal case with the indictment against Dennis Trihanova, Valentina Vityazev and Alexei Fedosov was transferred to the court.
Visiting the Court of Yaroslavl sentenced Trihanova and Fedosova to two years in detention in the disciplinary part Vityazev - to one year imprisonment.
The court also granted the petition Kalmykov of non-pecuniary damage: Trihanova ordered to pay 5 thousand injured, and Fedosov Vityazev - for two thousand rubles.

Chronicle Antiproizvola

14.07.2007 - Denis Trihanov senior soldiers, Valentin Vityazev and Alexei Fedosov beat Andrey Kalmykov. As a result, soldiers from Tatarstan lost consciousness.
20.12.2007 - Yaroslavl garrison military court found Trihanova, Vityazev and Fedosova guilty of hazing and sentenced to suspended prison sentences.

These are the facts gathered in the course of its Human Rights Center of Kazan public investigation. All statements and explanations given to citizens voluntarily. Not all of these facts can be confirmed by state authorities. Employees of the Human Rights Centre of Kazan confident that the facts indicate misconduct of agents of the state. Human Rights Centre reserves the right to seek an effective official investigation on them, including international institutions.

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