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After the disco is possible and the police (Case number 19)

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The police forced Rinat specify three people ...


November 28, 2003 in the Human Rights Centre of Kazan received a statement from Salakhutdinova Rinat Rifgatovich, in which he reported the misconduct committed against his staff Tetyushskogo police department.
Rinat said that July 13, 2003 around 11 pm with a friend, he left the discotheque "open dance floor, located in the park. They went
Tetyushskogo police department investigator A., who began questioning Rinat a murder committed in the night with 12 na13 July. The guy told me that the night was with friends who can testify to that. Then Alexander demanded that Rinat sat in a police car "UAZ". He was taken to the police station, where all the same investigator interviewed, and then, without explanation, took Rinat the duty unit, saying the policeman on duty to Salakhutdinova is issued as an administrative detainee.
Later in the police department Tetyushskom A. started beating Salakhutdinova. Bill's legs, back of the head, kidneys, the entire body, causing confess to the murder of two people, committed from 12 to 13 July 2003. The beating lasted all night.
The next morning, July 14, 2003, Salakhutdinova taken to the district court Tetyushsky. The judge at the time of the announcement of the case said that on July 12 Salakhutdinova saw drinking heavily at the bus station, where he allegedly using foul language to address passers-by and staff Tetyushskogo police department. The mother of the suspect, led directly to the court as a witness N., who was with Salakhutdinova July 12 and could confirm that
Rinat was completely sober and have not insulted anyone. The judge spoke to N. and told his mother Salakhutdinova that her son is innocent. But despite this, Rinat, was taken back to Tetyushskoe police department. Approximately two hours later he was sent to the magistrate Kama mouth K. (who is the brother of one of the leaders Tetyushskogo police department). He was, without explanation, has appointed Salakhutdinova 10 days of administrative arrest for what Salakhutdinov allegedly swore. Then again brought to Rinat Tetyushskoe police department, where he was held until July 16.
He has repeatedly held doprashivali.Doprosy head of criminal investigation L. July 15, 2003 Salakhutdinova parents hired a lawyer. After I started work as a lawyer, Salakhutdinova released. Immediately thereafter, at the request of counsel was conducted examinations received bruises.
16 July 2003 about 18 hours Salakhutdinova pretext call again taken from his home in Tetyushskoe police department. Behind him came the police: the chief of Criminal Investigation LA, the local DA
Salakhutdinova led to one of the leaders of the police department Tetyushskogo K., who made him take the blame of murder on himself. Rinat said that the murder did not commit and that he has witnesses who will confirm his presence at this time in another place. K. According Salakhutdinova, threatened violence in case of failure giving confessions. Also, the threats were directed to the parents of Rinat. Head Tetyushskogo police department promised to leave them without a livelihood. After Karl realized that the threat to Salakhutdinova not acting, he began to beat his hands on the head. After that hit in the groin, stomach, kicked in the legs. Applied electroshock Salakhutdinova. In this present head of criminal police of Moscow, who also beat Salakhutdinova. Night Salakhutdinova taken to a cell. July 17, 2003 around 7.00 pm Salakhutdinova again led to K., who was again beaten and subject him to electroshock. Then, led Salakhutdinova investigator Tetyushskogo area that was questioned as a witness in the absence of a lawyer and then as a suspect already in the presence of standby counsel. Salakhutdinova forced to admit that he was standing on the "lookout" and alleged he knows the people who committed the crime. And once again sent to the cell. July 18, 2003 Salakhutdinova had a confrontation, where the pressure he made three people. After the confrontation Salakhutdinova dragged back to K., who said that he was detained until a couple of days. If Salakhutdinov abandon his testimony, that he was again detained and will be beaten. July 19, 2003 Salakhutdinova released on parole. Then came a Salakhutdinova parents who took him home.
In order to verify information received from Salakhutdinova, interviews were held with the mother, father, uncle, friend and friend of the victim.
Mother affected essentially explained as follows:
13 July 2003 about 20 hours and 30 minutes, she was accompanied Salakhutdinova Rinat disco "open dance floor, carried him straight to the road where Rinat got into the car VAZ 2106 to his friend P., and left. Rinat was in a good mood, was completely healthy, no injuries had not been. At about 00.00 hours on the phone call from an unknown, who reported that Salakhutdinov Rinat detained by the police to ascertain the circumstances and is in the police department. Rinat was released only July 16, 2003 around noon. In the words of Rinat, she learned that he was beaten by police in the police department, including the AA was beaten in the kidneys, head, all over his body, forced to confess to a murder committed 12 July 2003 in Tetyushi. Rinat was in a depressed state. They immediately went to the hospital for examination. The same evening about 19 hours call the neighbors and was told that Rinat taken to the police directly from home. Rinat was in the police department until July 19, 2003. All this time he passed through a lawyer that he is beaten. July 19, when Rinat taken home, he complained of feeling unwell, pain throughout the body, nausea, said that he always had been beaten, tortured with electroshock. On his feet were bruised, on the wrists of the tumor. Under torture of police K. and M. He had to specify three people. Rinat also said that if he had not slandered them, then killed him or made invalid in the police department, it had promised him one of the leaders of the militia of the city Tetyushi KV hospital did not apply because they were afraid of threats of police officers.

Father of the victim confirmed this and dobavail the following:
July 16, when Rinat sent home from the police department to the house of his friend was driving near the house Rinat moved into the car their parents.
A friend of Rinat confirmed that the July 13, 2003, about 23 hours they left the disco "open dance floor, located in the park. They approached the police department, the officer Tetyushi A., took Salakhutdinova aside, something to talk to him, then put him in a police "UAZ" and took her away. He also noted that before his arrest Salakhutdinov was in a good mood, no matter what not complain.
Familiar Rinat said in an interview:
July 16, 2003 okolo12 hours of the day he was driving his car past the police department of the city Tetyushi and saw the building of the police department out of its acquaintance Salakhutdinov RR He stopped and offered to take Salakhutdinova to the house, the latter agreed. On the way Salakhutdinov told that the police were beating him up, forcing to confess to crimes he did not commit. Salakhutdinov complained that he had a sore body, the state he was very depressed. Around the house Salakhutdinova met his father.
October 17, 2003 Salakhutdinova DH sent a complaint to the prosecutor of the Republic of Tatarstan on the misdeeds of employees Tetyushskogo police department. In response to complaints from 14 November 2003 reported that on Aug. 11, 2003 Prosecutor Tetyushskogo region of the Republic of Tatarstan a ruling on refusal to initiate criminal proceedings against Tetyushskogo police department. Grounds for its cancellation no.

November 3, 2003 Salakhutdinova RR complaint was filed against the prosecutor of the Republic of Tatarstan on the misdeeds of employees Tetyushskogo police department. It indicated that the grounds for annulment of the order to dismiss the criminal case no.
In the statement from the medical card Salakhutdinova on July 16, 2003 states that Salakhutdinova RR Discovered injury lumbar region.
Since established that up to the moment of detention Salakhutdinova RR He had no injuries (this is confirmed by the mother of the victim and his friend) and after the contents of the police department injuries appeared (this is confirmed by medical examination) can be concluded that the damage had occurred during the period of Salakhutdinova RR the police department, that is, while they are under control and in the power of state representatives. This is a direct violation of Art. 3 of the ECHR.
In addition, from the record that the prosecutor's office Tetyushskogo District Prosecutor's Office and the Republic of Tatarstan was not carried out proper investigations into misconduct of members of the police department regarding Tetyushskogo Salakhutdinova RR In particular, they were interviewed the following persons: mother, father, uncle, friend and knew the victim.
Thus, analyzing the materials testing, we can assume that the actions of the police department Tetyushskogo K., M., A. contains the elements of a crime provided for in paragraph "a" part 3 of Article 286 of the Criminal Code - the commission of an official action is clearly beyond its authority and involve a substantial violation of the rights and lawful interests of citizens, committed with violence or threat of violence.
In addition, the actions of the police department Tetyushskogo finds no violation of Art. 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (prohibition of torture, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment) - causing bodily harm by police to obtain information.
In cases where a person is in custody, that is under the complete control of the authorities, he is most at risk of abuse by law enforcement authorities.
Proceeding from the European Court for Human Rights on article 3 of the ECHR, if a person gets injured while in custody, by the use of physical force by the authorities, they should prove that the use of physical force was caused by the conduct of detainee and its use has been absolutely necessary. The burden of proof clearly rests with the authorities conducting the detention of a person, and they must explain the occurrence of injuries (European Court of Human Rights on 27 August 1992 Tomasi (Tomasi) v. France).
If the victim is meritorious claim of abuse to him during detention, or on such facts became known to the representative of the state from other sources must be immediately carried out a thorough official investigation, in which shall be identified and punished those guilty of committing such acts.
As a result of the screening believe:
1.Predvaritelnuyu tested on the material considered complete.
2.Na the basis of screening can be concluded that in this case may see signs of art. 3 of the ECHR.
3.Provesti public inquiry.

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These are the facts gathered in the course of its Human Rights Center of Kazan public investigation. All statements and explanations given to citizens voluntarily. Not all of these facts can be confirmed by state authorities. Employees of the Human Rights Centre of Kazan confident that the facts indicate misconduct of agents of the state. Human Rights Centre reserves the right to seek an effective official investigation on them, including international institutions.

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