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The solid bruise in memory of the police (Case number 17)

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At the 17-year Dima tried to hang the murder of an entire family


November 25, 2003 in Kazan Human Rights Center called citizen BURMAKINA Tatiana, born in 1967, which reported on the following: while she was with her husband Burmakin Dmitri Gnedenkovym nephew Alex and his wife Gnedenkovoy Olesya in Aznakayevo with relatives (14-19 August 2003), August 18, 2003 in Kazan in about 22 hours of police department employees of the Volga city of Kazan was arrested on her son Dmitry Korchagin on suspicion of murder. BURMAKINA TL also reported that 18-20 August 2003 Pavel DA contained in the Volga district police. Complaints against the police officers he was not. On the night of 20-21 August 2003 Pavel was in the Novo-Savinovskom police department of Kazan, where BURMAKINA TA she saw her son's injuries. The son told her that he was beaten by employees of Novo-Savinovskogo ESD, forced to confess to the murder.
As a result of preliminary examination found that:
Korchagin, Dmitry, 16 October 1986 birth, was detained Aug. 18, 2003 by police on suspicion of murdering 4 people in the city of Kazan on the street Amirkhan in November 2002 and taken to the police department in the Volga.
In the period from 18 to 20 August 2003 Pavel DA contained in the Volga city of Kazan police department. Injuries he had no idea that became known with the words mother and his girlfriend Timokhin Helena, who saw Pavel in the Volga district court on Aug. 20, 2003, when the decision on measures of restraint. On the actions of police officers Korchagin not complain.

On the night of 20-21 August 2003 Pavel DA taken to the Novo-Savinovskoe police department of Kazan. August 21, 2003 in the area 13-14 hours of an investigator to interview Pavel Stolyarov D. as a suspect in the presence of his mother, Burmakin TL From the words Burmakin TL son during the interrogation was depressed and very frightened. The interrogation was recorded on video. During interrogation, the CID is not present. Zmitser was cut right eyebrow and joints of both hands were swollen. After the interrogation, he was left alone with his mother in the above office and explained to her that the crime of which he was forced to admit he did not commit, all night police beat. How many of them were, who they are, their rank, position, surname, first names he did not. Dmitry had been beaten, put a gas mask on his head, shut off the air, launching smoke, inserted between the fingers pen and squeezed her hand. It lasted all night, broken by this violence, he confessed to the murder of three of the four people on the street. Amirkhan in November 2002. 21 August 2003 Pavel DA Police and an investigator was brought home to conduct a search of his apartment. His mother, BURMAKINA TA, asked police officers to disguise Dima. Sweater change failed, saying that there are no keys to the handcuffs. When she had washed his feet and raised her leg trousers, then saw that the feet are numerous abrasions.
Around August 26, 2003 Dmitry Korchagin in Novo-Savinovskom police department saw his girlfriend Timokhina EV Dmitri was very depressed and frightened. The right eyebrow had been cut.
From 4-6 September 2003 was carried out forensic Korchagin, DA expert RB JMO MH RT Oladoshkinym O. During the examination revealed the following injuries:
- Scratches on the front surface of the chest on the left in the projection of the 3rd rib, prescription education within 7-14 days;
- Grazes in the lumbar region, prescription education within 7-14 days;
- A bump on the chest on the left in the 2 nd intercostal space, the duration of education within 5-7 days;
- Grazes in the elbow joint, limitation of education within 5-7 days;
- Scratches on the back surface of the chest on the left, the duration of education no less than 10 days;
- Abrasions on his left shoulder, limitation of education no less than 10 days;
- Abrasions on his right hip, limitation of education no less than 10 days;
- Are the changes of the skin in the 2-5 finger of his left wrist, limitation of education not less than 10 days,
- Are the changes in the skin of the ankle joint, limitation of education no less than 10 days.
The findings of examination, prescription of Education injuries consistent with the period when Korchakov DA in the internal affairs bodies.
Korchagin, DA complaint was filed on 14.10.2003, addressed to the Attorney RT Amirova KF the application against him of violent actions by the police department of the Volga, Novo-Savinovskogo police department of Kazan and the police department of Kazan. The complaint Korchagin said that he was forced to confess to a crime he did not commit and to give false testimony against other people because they do not withstand abuse by police officers. At the complaint investigator standing pool prosecutors RT Nehotyaev VV ruled to dismiss a criminal case from 23.10.2003, on the grounds that the investigation did not reveal a single case of violence against the accused and it was suggested that the next statement was written to divert the investigation from the investigation of incriminating acts.
Thus, analyzing the material testing, we can assume that the actions of police officers found signs of a crime provided by Article. 286 Part 3, paragraph "a" of the RF Criminal Code - the commission of an official action is clearly beyond the powers and involve a substantial violation of the rights and lawful interests of citizens by force or threat of force.
Also in the actions of unidentified members of the Novo-Savinovskogo police station discernible signs of Article. 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, as the police, as representatives of the State in the premises of police station was Korchagin, DA inhuman and degrading treatment, causing him bodily harm.
On the basis of the European Court of Human Rights on article 3 of the ECHR, if a person gets injured while in custody, as a result of the authorities of physical force, the burden of proof clearly rests with the authorities conducting the detention of a person, and that they should explain the occurrence of injuries. (Decision of the European Court of Human Rights on 28 July 1999 Selmuni v. France)
Based on the foregoing, I believe,
1. A preliminary test on the material considered complete.
2. Based on the results of the screening can be concluded that in this case, the elements essential to a violation of Article. 3 of the ECHR.
3. Proceed to the realization of this material.
Specialist investigations
Human Rights Centre of Kazan

Chronicle Antiproizvola

October 23
Investigator of an ongoing prosecution of the Republic of Tatarstan a ruling on refusal to institute criminal proceedings on the application received from the defendant Korchagin DA the base point 1 of Article 24 of Part 1 of the Code.
January 31
Kazan Human Rights Center filed a complaint Vakhitovsky district court in Kazan in order to dismiss a criminal case and a request to cancel the ruling of the investigator. It was also requested in the Republic of Tatarstan Public Prosecutor's Office to initiate criminal proceedings against police officers, in the actions of a perceived offense, provided UR "and" Part 3 st.286 the Criminal Code.

March 25
Vakhitovsky district court in Kazan in the complaint to dismiss the criminal case was refused.

These are the facts gathered in the course of its Human Rights Center of Kazan public investigation. All statements and explanations given to citizens voluntarily. Not all of these facts can be confirmed by state authorities. Employees of the Human Rights Centre of Kazan confident that the facts indicate misconduct of agents of the state. Human Rights Centre reserves the right to seek an effective official investigation on them, including international institutions.

We will provide more detailed information, facts and evidence in each case. To do this, write us a letter.

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