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The desire to warm one, motivated by the desire to fight in another (Case number 73)

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Sergei did not suspect that the mere desire to bask in the frosty night may cost him his freedom.


February 13, 2006 an employee of OAO PIK "Idel-Press" Sergei Akhmetzyanov appealed to the city of Kazan Human Rights Center to conduct a public investigation into the application in respect of his actions illegal physical and psychological effects, police lieutenant.

Sergei Akhmetzyanov will long remember the night of 25-26 January 2006. As the criminal case materials, in this day, he finished close to midnight, and together with his friend went home. Minibuses at this time is not running, and young people decided to go part way on foot, and then try to catch the car. The night was especially cold, and on the way they went to warm up to the entrance of the house where 20 minutes later they were detained by police. The men were taken to the police department Novo-Savinovskogo area.

In the police department pals placed separately in a cell, where they spent the rest of the night. On the morning of Sergei brought in one of the offices of the Criminal Investigation Department, where two security officers and student, held praktiku.K "interrogated" immediately began a short, chubby guy. As it turned out, it was a detective Marat Mingaliev. He began to beat Sergei extort from him information about what he did last night in the stairwell. Failing to recognize the crimes Mingaliev forced a detainee to remove his coat and began to call him "sparring" ...

"Fair fight" to prevent the newcomer to the study investigator who drew up a report on the detention Akhmetzyanova as a suspect. The whole day had a guy in a cell, only after days of detention he was allowed to eat. The next day, the same investigator took his travel ban and sent home.

A week later Akhmetzyanova again summoned to the investigator. This time for questioning as a witness. Sergei was taken to the office, where there were three members of the police department. They began to accuse him of theft and looting, allegedly committed Akhmetzyanov. Have never been brought to the criminal case the man tried to justify himself before them, not knowing what was going on.

After some time in the office appeared Marat Mingaliev, which Sergei had already had the "pleasure" to talk. Security officer immediately pounced on Akhmetzyanova, and began to cause him a blow in the abdomen, chest, back and head, trying not to leave traces. All this time, Marat insulted Sergei, accused and threatened him that he would come alive from the department. Police officer forced to withdraw Akhmetzyanova coat and went on strike, trying to provoke a retaliatory strikes. He tried to hit his head on the table Sergei or metal safe. As follows from the statement of a criminal investigation aimed Akhmetzyanova the prosecutor's office, Marat was very sorry that he had no gun, but he would have shot Akhmetzyanova, and took the corpse to Kadyshevo.

Fans fight, former lieutenant MILITIA

Marat Mingalev
Half an hour later police pushed him into the office Akhmetzyanova senior operative of Criminal Investigation Vladimir Kopylov, do not forget to hit Sergei several times. It says Akhmetzyanov, Marat went for a beer, giving him one last chance "to think and confess. Kopylov periodically came out of the office, and each time came to Sergei, gently tapped on the head with his hand, saying: "Think, think, do not waste time. When a senior officer once again left the room, Sergey asked for a trainee from university to give an opportunity to call home. The guy watching bullying, silently agreed.

Later, in court hearings senior officer Kopylov can not remember what happened that day in his office. Explain that regular memory lapses.

Call home and saved Ahmetyaznova, despite the fact that the phone he could say only: "Mom, I izbivayutLibarus Akhmetzyanov immediately phoned the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tajikistan, and spoke about what had happened dezhurnomuDezhurny Rodygin reported that sends to the department of MVD RT. Libarus himself and his wife also went to the police.

After Sergei written explanation of the same evening he was released home. Marat Mingaliev, who had recently beaten by Sergei, asked for his forgiveness and invited rumochnaia drink what Sergei shook his head. From the Department along with his parents he went to the emergency station, where he recorded the damage. After being beaten in police Akhmetzyanov appealed to the Human Rights Centre of the city of Kazan, where lawyers have helped write a letter to Sergey institute criminal proceedings, but also represented the victim in court.

April 6, 2006 Prosecutor Novo Savinovskogo district opened a criminal mess against police Lieutenant Marat Mingalieva on the fact of abuse of authority (Part 3 st.286 Criminal Code).

For July 28, 2006 Novo Savinovsky Kazan district court admitted police Lieutenant Marat Mingalieva guilty. Operational Commissioner of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Novo-Savinovskogo district sentenced to three years imprisonment suspended for three years.

But even such a term is nothing compared with what had to cope with Sergei. But the family Akhmetzyanova happy and this:
-Above all, the perpetrator punished, but a real or a suspended sentence is not so important - he said after the hearing. - In such cases, when the authorities used force to you, considering that thanks to his position of authority may be all it is important not to forget that you are right and believe that'll drive it till the end, no doubt.

In studying the material above the criminal case found that the injuries to Sergei Akhmetzyanova caused operational commissioner of the Criminal Investigation Department Novo-Savinovskogo area Marat Mingaliev. In the emergency station identified the following injuries: closed fracture of the cartilage of 6-rib, bruised chest, soft tissue bruises zygomatic and fronto-temporal region.

Chronicle Antiproizvola

February 19, 2006.
A decision on refusal to institute criminal proceedings in the absence of a staff member of the Criminal Investigation Department Novo-Savinovskogo area of crime.

March 10, 2006.
Prosecutor Novo Savinovskogo district overturned the ruling on refusal to initiate criminal proceedings.

April 6, 2006.
Instituted ugolovnooe case on beating employee OJSC PIK "Idel-Press".

May 30, 2006.
Operational commissioner of Criminal Investigation Department Novo Savinovskogo area Marat Mingalievu were brought forth by "and" Part 3 of Art. 286 of the Criminal Code "abuse of power".

July 28, 2006.
Novo Savinovsky Kazan district court found police Lieutenant Marat Mingalieva guilty and sentenced him to three years imprisonment suspended for three years.

These are the facts gathered in the course of Human Rights Center of Kazan public investigation. All statements and explanations given to citizens voluntarily. Not all of these facts can be confirmed by state authorities. Employees of the Human Rights Centre of Kazan confident that the facts indicate misconduct of agents of the state. Human Rights Centre reserves the right to seek an effective official investigation on them, including international institutions.

We will provide more detailed information, facts and evidence in each case. To do this, write us a letter.

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