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Igor Sholokhov

Шолохов Игорь НиколаевичBorn in Kazan. He graduated from Kazan State University, "sociologist" (1990), Academy of Management, Moscow Russian Interior Ministry in "Lawyer" (2000). Fluent in Spanish.

In 1986 - conscription in the Northern Fleet.
In 1990 - 2004 years. - Service in various positions in the penal system.
As of 2005 - 2006. - The employee organization "Kazan Human Rights Center.
Since October 2006 - Chairman of the Board of Public Organizations "Kazan Human Rights Center.

A member of the National Council on the implementation of anticorruption policies.
Member of the Public Council under UFSKN at RT.

He has the medal "For Service" 1, 2 degrees.

Married with one son.

He enjoys sports, quenching.

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Our results

Cases in work 38
Convicted of officers 39
Cancelled illegal orders 81
Compensated 3 818 324 rub.
Dismissed from police 37