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Глава Минобрнауки Татарстана поддержал работу правозащитников

25 December 2012

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Сегодня руководитель пресс-службы Казанского правозащитного центра Булат Мухамеджанов и руководитель группы "Поборы в школах и детсадах" в социальной сети «Вконтакте» Екатерина Матвеева встретились с министром образования и науки Татарстана Энгелем Фаттаховым.


Чиновники, правоохранители и правозащитники обсудили тему поборов в школах Казани

20 November 2012

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В Казани прошел «круглый стол», посвященный вопросам реализации антикоррупционной политики в городе, на котором руководитель Казанского правозащитного центра Игорь Шолохов выступил по ситуации с денежными поборами в школах.


Human rights activists and police recorded the principles of teamwork.

17 March 2006

On March 17 the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tatarstan signed the Declaration on Principles of public measures to eliminate violations of the law of human rights in the police Tatarstan.

Initiators of the Declaration made by the Human Rights Centre of the city of Kazan and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tatarstan. The document declares and establishes the basic approaches in the interaction between Tatarstan police and public organizations of the republic.


Workshop on "Capacity Building Ombudsman and Human Rights Commissions in Russia." Moscow.

29 July 2005

Workshop on "Capacity Building Ombudsman and Human Rights Commissions in Russia." Mo29-July 30, 2005 in Moscow Moscow Helsinki Group, the project "Strengthening capacity of institutions of Commissioners and the Human Rights Commissions", which is implemented in cooperation with the St. Petersburg Humanitarian and Political Studies "Strategy" with financial support from the European Commission, held the third workshop staff Ombudsman for Human Rights and the Commission on Human Rights in the Russian Federatsii.skva.


Conference: "The human rights movement today: Problems and Prospects". Moscow

20 December 2004

20 -21 December, more than 100 representatives of human rights organizations and experts from Moscow and regions took part in the conference "The human rights movement today: Problems and Prospects", organized by the Centre "Demos" in conjunction with the Fund "Public Verdict Foundation and the Institute of civilian review. Among the invited representatives of regional human rights organizations joined the President of the Human Rights Centre of Kazan Natalia Kablova.

Round table "Local Government as a social institution." Kazan

18 December 2004

Local government and purity of the entrance. Is there a connection?
On December 18, NCC "Kazan" the first lesson mezhseminarskoe School of Public Policy (SHPP) in Tatarstan, passed in the form of round table "Local government as a social institution."
In Tatarstan, the program ROO "Open Russia" with the promising title "School of Public Policy" is gaining momentum.

All-Russian Civil Congress, Moscow.

12 December 2004

12 December Constitution Day of the Russian Federation more than 1000 members of the public: journalists, human rights organizations and political parties gathered at the All-Russian Civil Congress "Russia for democracy against dictatorship."
Organizers of the Congress have proposed to discuss the main issues of concern to society: corruption, terrorism, ensuring free and fair elections, political censorship in the media, the development of civil society organizations, the establishment of institutions in control. In their view, Congress will consolidate existing and create effective projects of civil society in Russia.

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