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Brain-ring for high school students Kazan.

12 December 2004

December 12 in Kazan went brain-ring for schoolchildren, organized by the Kazan city center of children's creativity name Alisha.
The fact that high school students during the holidays can not sit at home, it was possible for the eighth time to make sure by visiting the day the Constitution of Russia has become a traditional urban brain-ring.


Partner verification: Nizhny Novgorod - Yoshkar-Ola.

20 November 2004

Partnership. Trust and verify.

Some history
In early October 2004 in Moscow, was formed by a partnership of human rights organizations that specialize in holding public inquiries into cases of human rights violations by law enforcement. They are united by a common method of work, the principles of organization of public investigations, designed the city of Kazan Human Rights Center in cooperation with the Nizhniy Novgorod "Committee against Torture".

School of Public Policy. Zelenodil's'kyi district RT.

19 November 2004

- I envy you - greeted the audience Tatarstan School of Public Policy Vice-Chairman of the State Council of Tatarstan Yuri Kamaltynov. - Do you have a unique opportunity, which at that time, when we started, there was ...
President of the Human Rights Centre of Kazan Natalia Kablova and spokesperson of the PCC Dmitry Kolbasin became a student of School of Public Policy NGO Open Russia, which started on November 19, 2004 in the sanatorium "Pinery".


Seminar - training on communication and providing e-security

22 October 2004

Most of the organizations in their daily work experience, and sometimes depend on information coming from outside or produced by employees. It is an axiom. It was also true that receive, store and transmit data electronically, which means that in the first place in the achievement of effective organization comes the task of ensuring security electronic information.


Press Conference 'Law Enforcement: Violations of the rights of adolescents'

05 October 2004

President of the Human Rights Centre of Kazan Natalia Kablova took part in a press conference "Law Enforcement: Violations of the rights of adolescents", organized by the Public Verdict, which soctoyalas in the Independent Press Centre (Moscow).


Seminar Fund "Public Verdict"

02 October 2004

From 2 to 7 October, members of the Human Rights Center of the city of Kazan "is practically the Whole took part in a legal seminar Fund" Public Verdict ", which was held in Moscow.

Summer School "Open Dialogue: Youth of Russia - constructs, identity, civic practices"

25 September 2004

The specialist press service of the Human Rights Centre of Kazan Lilja Safina has become a member of the Summer School "Open Dialogue: Youth of Russia - constructs, identity, civil practice", organized by the Research Centre (SIC) "Region". Participation in this event was part of the project "No tyranny. "Operation Teen", supported by the Fund "pivot point".

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