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Human rights activists and police recorded the principles of teamwork.

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Friday, 17 March 2006 15:31

On March 17 the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tatarstan signed the Declaration on Principles of public measures to eliminate violations of the law of human rights in the police Tatarstan.

Initiators of the Declaration made by the Human Rights Centre of the city of Kazan and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tatarstan. The document declares and establishes the basic approaches in the interaction between Tatarstan police and public organizations of the republic.

As the text of the Declaration, Ministry of Internal Affairs of RT recognizes the existence of violations of law and individual rights of citizens by police officers and intends to pursue "all available resources provided by law for the total eradication of such violations."
In turn, the activities of many members of the public aimed at improving the rule of law in the police. According to the initiators of the Declaration, to work effectively, first of all, interaction is needed. In order to further the work did not cause misunderstanding with one party or another, human rights defenders, together with the security forces have developed the basic provisions that are going to govern.

According to the President of the Human Rights Centre of Kazan Natalia Kablovoy who signs the declaration, this step allows you to take the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tatarstan, not only as a power structure designed to fight crime and implement crime prevention among the population of Tatarstan, but also as an agency that is open to cooperation , ready for action in the field of human rights and the rule of law.
- The effectiveness of declared principles must give ourselves in the course of practice. Should actively develop specific countermeasures against - is a professional legal assistance to people facing a violation of their rights, training seminars for police officers, and media coverage of specific facts that have found evidence, and much more. It all depends in what area it operates or public organization that they can offer.

By the Declaration can join all interested members of the public. In the near future in the Public Council under Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tatarstan will be created the Commission on human rights and violations of law.
- This document does not become just a sham, - said Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tatarstan of the Personnel Colonel Zinnurov Foat, who signed the Declaration if we signed, then we will work. And the interaction on the enhancement of legitimacy in the activities of police, I think, will be very close. Require that will Interior Minister Asgat Safarov, who authorized me to sign the document. Human Rights Centre of the city of Kazan, is also interested in effective cooperation.

- It is important to understand the significance of this step, - says the President of the Interregional Association of human rights organizations Pavel Pins. - Its absolute value is to consolidate a common position and trying to create rules of relationships. Kazan Tatarstan Ministry of Internal Affairs and human rights activists long and hard going for this result. In this way it was and confrontation, and misunderstanding, and unique examples of cooperation. The true value of the declaration will manifest itself in future daily work. I hope the parties will realize realize its enormous potential. If this succeeds, the Association of AGORA will promote its principles in other regions of our presence at the federal level as a model of effective interaction of the emerging civil society and government.

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