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Workshop on "Capacity Building Ombudsman and Human Rights Commissions in Russia." Moscow.

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Friday, 29 July 2005 15:33

Workshop on "Capacity Building Ombudsman and Human Rights Commissions in Russia." Mo29-July 30, 2005 in Moscow Moscow Helsinki Group, the project "Strengthening capacity of institutions of Commissioners and the Human Rights Commissions", which is implemented in cooperation with the St. Petersburg Humanitarian and Political Studies "Strategy" with financial support from the European Commission, held the third workshop staff Ombudsman for Human Rights and the Commission on Human Rights in the Russian Federatsii.skva.

Theme of the seminar "Combating lawlessness in law enforcement. In a seminar attended by 14 representatives of the Ombudsman and Human Rights Commissions of the 13 regions of Russia. Along with them were active throughout the two-day seminar 6 defenders in Uzbekistan, which in the period from 24 July to 6 August 2005 are trained in the Russian human rights organizations.

As trainers and experts at the seminar worked: Poduzova Irina (Yoshkar-Ola, NGO "Man and Law"), Igor Sazhin (Syktyvkar, the society "Memorial"), Paul Pins (Moscow, Foundation "Public Verdict, Kazan, Kazan Human Rights Center), Nina Tagankina (Moscow, the Moscow Helsinki Group).
Many participants noted the statement by Paul Chikova on "Effective methods of human rights organizations in Russia to protect the rights and freedoms violated by the illegal actions of law enforcement agencies.
The seminar was organized practical training, which in the opinion of all participants, were very productive. Participants were also able to share with colleagues their experience in combating arbitrary police.
Completed round-table seminar "Interaction of public and human rights organizations for the protection of human rights and freedoms against arbitrary law enforcement, in which participants identified the main types and mechanisms of interaction with defenders in their regions.

As part of project activities, this workshop was terminated. For the successful development of the entire program training course for 29 participants were awarded certificates (22 of them - members of Ombudsman for Human Rights from 15 regions of Russia, 6 - Representatives of the Commission on Human Rights, and 1 - Chairman of the Governor of the Ulyanovsk region on the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights).

As a result of the project is planned to release a teaching aid to be distributed in sets of Commissioners and the Commission on Human Rights and human rights NGOs in the regions of Russia.

July 31 participants took part in a meeting with the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights Alvaro Gil-Robles, and public debate on its report on human rights in Russia, and August 1 - in the International Roundtable "30 Years of the Helsinki Accords: results and prospects .

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