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Handbook for released from jail. 2003

Brochure to assist citizens, who are preparing to release or release from prison in difficulty or who are in difficult social and domestic situation.

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Social control in the Russian Federation

This publication was prepared under the project "Prevention of Torture in Closed Institutions of Central and Eastern Europe", financed by the European Commission, and "Creating a system of public control of private institutions in the Russian Federation", funded by the Global Opportunites Fund (UK).
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Political repression in Tatarstan

The book is essentially a teaching materials for teachers of the humanities schools and secondary specialized educational institutions, as well as for high school students. It describes the practice of political repression in Tatarstan during the Soviet times. Reveals the issues of rehabilitation and protection of the rights of victims of political repression.
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Torture in Tatarstan. Scale. Facts

The book was published under the project "Public investigate human rights violations in the criminal process, supported by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, and the project« Civil Anti-Corruption Advocacy », supported by the Open Society Institute - Hungary.
Kazan Human Rights Center is a regional partner of the project "Establishment of Network of NGOs against Torture Russia" Nizhny Novgorod Committee against Torture and the project "Rehabilitation of Victims of Torture," Moscow Helsinki Group.


Torture. Crimes without punishment.

The pamphlet provides examples of specific instances of torture and ill-treatment in law enforcement, the investigation of criminal cases brought under the facts of torture and attempts to analyze the current situation today in law enforcement. The book will be of interest to representatives of Russian and international human rights organizations, police officers, prosecutors, criminal-executive system, the judiciary, sociologists, journalists, students, legal and social science faculties.


Corruption in the police Tatarstan

The book contains the results of a comprehensive study of household corruption in the Interior of the Republic of Tatarstan, conducted in 2002-2003. Sources of information: a survey and survey of urban residents Kazan and Naberezhnye Chelny, interviewing and questioning of police officers, questioning of commercial sex workers, homeless people and drug users, the official statistics. Based on these results compiled typical household circuit of corruption in the police of Tatarstan, determined the degree of prevalence of the phenomenon.

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