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European Standards in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and penal institutions in Tatarstan

The book is intended to answer the question of how Russian law enforcement bodies in their activities comply with international human rights standards.
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Handbook for Investigators

The handbook is a reference book of investigators of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tatarstan. Contains essential in the daily work of the investigator contact information for all state, public and other organizations and institutions of the Republic of Tatarstan.
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The civil suit in criminal proceedings

The book is a scientific and practical handbook on the protection of property and moral rights of victims of crime. In her research results of this method of protecting the rights of victims, as a civil suit. Sources: sentences, executive production, questionnaires were sentenced to imprisonment, etc.
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Human rights. Special Course

The book is a series of lectures on human rights for students of extra-legal institutions. The authors - both theoretical and practical experts in the field of professional protection of human rights. The lectures are written in accessible language and cover the main themes in the diverse field of human rights.
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Handbook for released from jail. 2004

The brochure is designed to help citizens, who are preparing to release or release from prison in difficulty or who are in difficult social and domestic situation.

Second edition, revised and enlarged

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Monitoring of the criminal justice

The book presents the results of the research activities of territorial bodies of internal affairs, the district court and remand the Republic of Tatarstan. Areas of research: deficiencies in the existing Russian legislation, logistics facilities, organizational and managerial problems, moral training of staff.
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Handbook for chiefs of detachments Corrections

The handbook sets out the main regulations governing the duties and rights of convicts in prisons. We present extracts from international instruments that contain standards for the treatment of convicts serving sentences of imprisonment.
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