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The law and its victim. RT

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The book begins a series of issues Antiproizvola Chronicles - a collection of articles and columns about human rights violations by law enforcement agencies. At the heart of each story are real facts and events. They covered the time period from 2000 to 2004. Due to the ease of presentation, while maintaining professional vocabulary, the book will be interesting to both lawyers and a wide range of readers.
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Police Terror
The tale of how the general sent
The crime of choice
The dictatorship of the law and its victims
The inflation of the trunk in the Soviet police department
Sado mazo or?
Justices of the Peace in Russia
The police do not like the curious
Faults System
Confidential conversation with a predilection
The priests in uniform, or sacrifice for the glory of the fight against crime
Confessed under torture
Militia "composed" criminals
Three years probation for shooting at students
Bribes may be less
"Smooth" in uniform
Plant it, if you can
Torture chambers in the police department
Price humiliation and beatings - 1000 rubles
Poverty is worse than theft?
I want to jail
Schemes of corruption in the police
Maniac involuntarily
Police ready for wet
In Tatarstan, the new passport costs 30 million rubles
Police AIDS infects students
Ask a policeman, as it relates to the homeless, and find out whether it violates human rights
Suicide or murder in the building of the police department?
Extorted in rubles, was in years
In the toilet - one by one, into the toilet - their heads. Perform quick!
Torture - the best way to improve crime detection

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