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Blood revenge in uniform (Case number 10)

The victim has a broken jaw. He argues that the police were trying to kill him. "Victim" even had to pretend to be dead. The prosecutor's office claims that there was nothing ...



Directrice beat student? (Case number 15)

A criminal case. Now she faces up to 10 years imprisonment for abuse of office.



Ministry of Finance is paying for the mistakes of the investigation (Case number 56)

Irina Voronina (name changed) approached the Human Rights Centre of the city of Kazan in the inter-regional action "rehabilitation" that human rights defenders conducted in May 2005, to provide legal support in preparing and filing a claim for compensation for moral damages by the Ministry of Finance.


The desire to warm one, motivated by the desire to fight in another (Case number 73)

Sergei did not suspect that the mere desire to bask in the frosty night may cost him his freedom.



Seven at one blow! (Case number 13)

Without explaining police officer opened fire on the village boys. The bullet pierced right through one teenager and went into the back of another.



The police threatened to infection with HIV (Case number 14)

Threats had no effect. The student did not want to take offense. Then it went to the cries, fists and feet.



Granata Assistant Prosecutor (Case number 16)

The accused confessed to the assassination of the well-known bureaucrat after interrogation



The solid bruise in memory of the police (Case number 17)

At the 17-year Dima tried to hang the murder of an entire family



Hundred of thousands of freedom (Case number 18)

Personnel of the police demanded 100 thousand rubles in exchange for freedom. Now former militiamen will serve their sentences in penal colony



After the disco is possible and the police (Case number 19)

The police forced Rinat specify three people ...



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