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During the four years of illegal deprivation of liberty resident of Tatarstan received a million rubles (Case number 50)

Eugene Vedenin was convicted in 2001 for fifteen years of imprisonment sentence in a penal colony on charges of murdering the chief of "Tatneft" Alexander Kalyakin. In 2004, after almost four years, the court found Vedenina innocent - in the investigation of another case entirely real murderer confessed to the police in the murder Kalyakin.


Ministry of Finance refused to pay compensation in time ... (Case number 51)

In May 2003, a resident of Naberezhnye Chelny Bulat Mukhametzyanov (name changed in favor of the victim) was beaten by unknown assailants in her apartment building.
During the interrogation, the man suggested that the organizer of the attack is the head of a rival firm. A few days later a preliminary criminal investigation into the attack on Bulat has been suspended in connection with an unidentified person who committed the crime.


The money was awarded, and the geese will not return (Case number 71)

"If you do not pay all the money you lose a lot more"




As an entrepreneur, with the head of the Soviet GAI Kazan "Station" shared (Case number 7)

Won a businessman at an auction house as a shop, only to build up began. Suddenly, police with guns in the guests arrived. It was announced that about this business have not heard anything, but in the building of a merchant will now be placed Soviet Traffic police



How to Steal a Million? (Case number 9)

Investigating the murder of the owner of a mini-market, worth 1 million rubles, a police officer decided to appropriate it. More information about extortion with the threat of violence ...




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