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Failed to secure the detainee (Case number 63)

"Before ILMIR arrested, no injuries had not been. My mother told me that when she went in the morning to work out of police poured a bucket of blood." So wrote in his explanation buddy beaten by the police guy.



Wedding Crashers (Case number 72)

"They beat me on the face, head and body. I hit the wall with his back. It was clouding of consciousness. I felt sick and was vomiting."



Gentlemen, never screw the bulb in the chamber for the detainees (Case № 0)

You can get bruises, abrasions and bruises. But at the same time and confess to having committed an offense. That explained the implications of these interrogation Denis Petrov, and Arthur Nureyev staff OM "Derbyshki" the Soviet police department of Kazan



If the department does not kill you, make sure you spend up to the door (Case number 1)

Was not destined to stay lively 51-year Zhavdatu Khairyllin after visiting the police. His body was found right on the balcony of the building Tukayevsky police department. Suicide or murder? Read in ...



Horny werewolves (Case № 2)

Kazan commercial sex workers accused the guardians of order in forced sex, extortion and assault.



Citizen, the police called? Come (Case number 4)

Calling the police for her husband, rowdy, Inna waited for her three days later. Then, against her criminal case was opened for ... beating husband. The fact that the sister of Mr Right - a policeman, Inna will long remember



Inquisitor evaluated a police service in 3000 rubles (case number 5)

... and received a dismissal and term



Concerned officers beat 13-year-old boy (Case number 6)

Accusing the teenager in the theft, they kicked him for a long time, then promised to "delete" so that knows about it the whole village.



Without consciousness for three days (Case number 11)

Convicted Chistopol prison has claimed that such were the consequences of "conversation" with police. According to the verdict in a criminal case not a single proof of his guilt, apart from confessions.



A confession or life? (Case number 12)

After the interrogation, Arthur confessed to the attacks on four girls, and got ... 12 years for "barbed wire"



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